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Our children's education creates the future for us all. The pandemic doesn't have to stop us from learning, growing, and socializing in a safe way. The free PodSquad directory is simply a bridge connecting families & facilitators so everyone can find comfort in community.

What is a Pod?

A pod is a small group of families in a community who share similar education goals, childcare needs, and covid risk practices. Pods can support your school districts online learning, follow a homeschool curriculum, be supplemental socialization, be parent-led, or even have a hired facilitator.

Why Join a Pod?

Pods are designed for parents who are seeking fellowship and friendship while navigating the social and educational hardships during COVID. The PodSquad directory was created to help all types of families find solutions during this changing environment. We believe that you have neighbors who share the same goals and needs as you and that when you connect, anything is possible.

Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.

—Marian Wright Edelman

Parents Hiring A Facilitator/Teacher:

Grouping with 3-5 families to hire a Facilitator or Teacher to guide your kids is a great way to create a Pod! In this model, the teacher’s pay might be split evenly between the families, so that the facilitator can receive competitive pay while the families receive an affordable rate. Depending on your Pod goals, the facilitator might assist with online schooling, create their own curriculum, or follow a parent-purchased curriculum.

Parents Seeking A Co-op Model:

Creating community with others who have the same goals and needs in mind can be a wonderful and economical solution! There are many ways that co-ops can be operated; here’s a common example: A five family co-op can have a different parent of the group designated as the facilitator each day of the week. In this model, the assigned parent would be in charge of facilitating the group one day a week and in turn would receive 4 days of free or low-cost care for your kiddo(s).

How to Create Your Dream Pod:

  1. Create your Student Profile by filling out the form you receive when you submit your email

  2. Identify surrounding students in the directory. These are the people in your same area of town, same age group, and same COVID risk

  3. Connect with the families who have similar needs/goals as you (i.e. Send an email to each family who looks like a great match with “Hi neighbor! I noticed we have similar values in the PodSquad Directory. Would you like to connect over phone/zoom to see if we could be a good fit?”)

  4. We have specific form questions regarding sponsorship, because inclusivity is VERY important to us. We're thinking hard about this problem and how to reach those that need Pods the most. We're open to suggestions and will be sending out updates when we find a better solution. For now, if you know a family that needs sponsoring, tell them to reach out to us directly and we can connect them to sponsoring families in their area.

  5. If hiring a facilitator, check out the amazing people listed under the Facilitator tab and reach out accordingly.

Important Tips:

  • View the directory on a desktop; it’s much easier to get a clear view of possible matches and sort according to your preferences

  • Peek in the other areas of town that are near you. You may have indicated “South Austin” while your next door neighbor may have indicated “South Austin and East Austin”

  • This is a "work-in-progress" directory. We are building this WITH you. The more people we share this with, the more families we can connect.

Who's Behind the Scenes?

Meet Victoria

Victoria is a mom of three and very familiar with the hardships on parents right now, especially as it relates to uncertainty around the upcoming school year. She loves thinking outside the box for real solutions that facilitate health and happiness for those around her.

Meet Morgan

Morgan is a local nutritionist & founder of HealthyCart, a personalized meal plan & grocery delivery service. She loves working on technology that brings people together and values education, health, and serving those in need.

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